Loop is “pool” spelled backwards

You know it’s peak water season in the swamp …

When water shallowly floods overtop Loop Road.

You never know who you’ll run into on Loop Road:
Bob is a long-time water management employee and also
highly respected as the region’s foremost python catcher, too.

Exactly where and how long it floods along its 24-mile stretch depends on where the water is coming from. In this case the water is coming from the Everglades — and specifically Water Conservation Area 3A.

 That means it depends on how high and long the gates stay open, too.

The monitoring station from which this hydrograph was produced is located on the far side of the puddle in the photograph above. Can you see how the dark blue line (i.e. the current water elevation) has crossed above the top of the road?

Not that we mind the water.

Seeing the swamp so flush with water sure looks good.

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