Lost in the swamp labyrinth!

Botanically, we often refer to the swamp mosaic …

But hydrologically I like to think of it as a labyrinth instead.

Arrows indicate direction of sheetflow
(vertical scale is exaggerated)

Mosaic refers the swamp’s predictable, yet puzzling, pattern of vegetation. It’s predictable because its heavily predicated on water depth. The deepest areas are where you’ll find the cypress strands and domes, up high are pinelands …

And in between are the open-vistas of the marl prairies.

Sounds easy enough until you’re out in the middle of it.

Then you’ll be puzzled trying to figure which way in and out through the labyrinth.

Two common shapes of the swamp’s scenic mosaic
are the sinuous cypress strands and amphitheater-like domes.

Of course for the water it’s easy:

It just goes with the flow as shown on the diagram above.

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