Major Movie Awards
It's just a matter of time (and production quality)

Many have asked:

Have your movies been nominated for any major motion picture awards?

product movies
Blogs are always better than the movies, or are they?

The answer is no, not yet. While almost all of the films are shot “on site” in some of the most scenic parts of the Big Cypress Swamp and Everglades that you’ll ever see, thus in my mind making them most eligible under the cinematography category – they have yet to curry any major critical buzz.

On a more positive note: Maybe that’s a good thing. Really, the purpose of the videos is to capture thoughts in motion – sometimes on the ground getting our feet wet and other times flying over the ecosystem in a helicopter – and get them out to the people as soon as possible.

Yes, that sometimes sacrifices quality, but the alternative (and usually situation) is that those video clips would never see the light of day. Most video clips are narrated, and I also add in some guitar in the background to improve their overall vibe.

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