Memorial Day Redux?

Neither wet nor dry,

The swamp ecosystem is caught in the middle, just moist.

The above chart shows where water levels in various parts of the Big Cypress and Everglades current are (Red Arrow) and where they should be (Dotted Black Line) for the middle of August.

By moist I mean static, no sheet flow.

And some places are downright stagnant.

Water Conservation 3A is almost two feet below normal for August and Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve a foot.  Just a few weeks away Labor Day is sadly shaping up hydrologically as a Memorial Day redux. 

Popenhager Air Strip looking East
in late July after the Mud Lake Complex widlfire.
Water appears deeper in the burned area because
the ground cover was temporarily thinned. It doesn’t
take long for new growth to grow back in.

Maybe then the wet season will fully and finally start!

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