Memories of monsoons past

Sometimes I like to check up on the old stomping grounds …

Even if in the case when I can’t find time to go.

The San Pedro is an amazing river.  But to call it a river is laughable at best.  Much like Big Cypress Swamp’s Turner River, its classification as such is not by merit of its size or flow rate but rather its presence at all.  In the desert, perennial bodies of water are rare.  I have vivid memories hiking in the Huachuca Mountains and looking down on the desert floor below, the San Pedro recognizable as a thin string of florescent green cotton wood trees.  Can you see the spike in the hydrograph over the past couple of months.  That’s from the Sonoran Desert’s summer monsoonal rains.  Another dose of river recharge arrives in the winter by way of snow melt off the mountains.  That source of water has diminished over the past several decades as a result of groundwater pumping in Sierra Vista.  Pin pointing the effect of the pumping is hard to see with a traditional hydrograph.  That’s where a calendar graph comes in more handy as a better tool to see that effect.

Do I make a phone call?

Better yet, I like to check in on the hydrograph.

I also made the phone call, too.

It was nice catching up, Tom!

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