Meteorologic cake conundrum

Can we eat our meteorologic cake and have it, too?

Can we get a taste of the dry season …
and also get a fall rainmaker, too?

This is the time of year where weather aficionados of south Floridians alternatively hope for one last big rainmaker before the wet season fizzles to an end and eagerly await the arrival of its first “official” front of cold and crisp continental air.

Is it possible to have both even though they opposites of a sort?

At first glance, yes:

Two weekends ago (Oct 1) we got an early cold front (with cool mornings that lasted through the week) and this past weekend (Oct 8) we got our biggest rain day of the year, especially for the Kissimmee Basin.

South Floridians can usually count
on the arrival of cold air by late October.

Around that time the wet season also ends.

But not so fast!

Upon closer inspection, the cold front didn’t qualify as “official” since it didn’t register two consecutive days with nighttime lows at or below 60° F. As for the rainmaker, it barely rained in Naples and not much at all in the Big Cypress Swamp.

That could be our last shot
at a big rain for the rest of the year.

Thus, to answer the question:

Not only did we miss our cake, we’re still waiting on our first serving of cold air.

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