Meteorologic night and day?

South Florida’s wet and dry seasons are as predictable as night and day,

Only this year somebody forgot to flip the switch.

Morning wet season clouds off shore of Everglades City (left)
and evening dry season sunset as seen from Naples beach (right)

The cause?

I read in the paper today about a mid-atmospheric high pressure system. Miami meteorologist Robert Molleda describes it as a condition that has persisted since February, back then blocking winter fronts – thus explaining our “drier than normal” dry season – and now blocking the rise of summer cumulonimbus clouds, thus explaining our “later than normal” wet season start. Typically it starts like clockwork towards the end of May.

The tropics are also turning south of Cuba.

Could that too be disrupting our normal ebb and flow of wet season air?

South Florida’s water cycle is a battle of the skies between
drenching clouds and searing sun …

This year the sun has extended its reign into the wet season.

Whatever the case may be, I’m enjoying the unexpected spell of dry weather while it lasts. It’s a long summer wet season ahead, you know …

Assuming, that is, it ever starts?

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