Meteorologic wish list

Do all floods end in drought?

Meteorologically the answer in south Florida is yes.

Click here to see a more detailed rain chart

This year we make say that with a capital Y-E-S.

The seasonal meteorological dry season started early out of the gate this fall.  Fast forward fifty days later  and south Florida has recorded less than 2 inches of rain, (and the majority of that fell in early October). The good news is that the swamp has a slow drain: it’s domes, marshes and sloughs and still holding water … but water levels have been steadily dropping, too.   Here’s a hydrograph showing current water levels for Big Cypress National Preserve.

Two requests:

Dear North, please bring us our “official” first cold front (two consecutive nights below 60° F) soon and a squall line of rain shower with that front, too.  Sincerely, Go Hydrology!

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