“Meteorological” line(s) in the atmosphere

Just when we thought the answer was beyond our grasp,

The start (and end) dates of the rainy season have been officially defined.

It’s official:
From now on the rainy season
starts on May 15th and ends
on October 15th.

Part simplification and part historically based,

Meteorologists are most happy about finally putting this pesky question to rest.

Instead of getting bogged down in the verisimilitude of each and every year, meteorologists made the decision go by the long-term trend of when, on average, the atmospheric conditions conducive to regular summer showers starts and ends.  Interestingly, the maiden year of the decision has turned out to be exact.  The rainy season pretty much started two days ago on the 15th!

We’ll see if the end of the rainy season similarly behaves.

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