Mid summer soliloquy
Origin story of a hydrologist

When exactly does a hydrologist …

Become a hydrologist?

Bob explains his origin story

In this video, I dive deep into my past to try to figure it out. What I learned? While there was possibly one magical moment “when it all clicked,” it was as much a gradual process as it was instant success. As for my greatest hydrologic achievement. While many may say Go Hydrology, I am very confident that moment has yet to come, and — if it shapes up like I hope it will — it will be nothing short of a total reinvention of the water wheel. Hint: Think sundial meets and an underground cloud.

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Question: Everyone has some hydrologist in them. What’s your water origin story?

My brother (right) introduced me to water. My first boss Dom (left) taught me how to mix water to make mud (i.e. liquid cement) for laying brick and block.

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