More than fashionably late

Being fashionably late has a certain charm,

Until it turns into a “no show” and then it’s no fun at all.

This chart shows daytime high and low air temperatures for Naples Florida over the past half year.  The background shading shows the long-term average high and low air temperatures and the historic extremes, too.  Can you see how our most recent cold front just dropped us down to a seasonally normal (not exceptional) nighttime low?

That appears to be the way our so-called cool season is shaping up.

Yes we finally got a cold front …

But by technical standards, as espoused by Winsberg (2003) in Florida Weather (a great read for any weather aficionados out there), Florida fall is only ushered in when a cold front brings nighttime lows below the 60° F mark for two consecutive nights in a row. The forecast calls for only one such qualifying night for this front. To add insult to injury, Thanksgiving marks the time of the year when nighttime lows on average (not exceptionally, but every day) are expected to drop at or below the 60 degree mark.

In other words, 60° F should be our normal nighttime low by now …

Not an exception.

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