More than water

This is a photo of a wood stork at Corkscrew during wetter times, and back when the stew of aquatic fauna in the receding water column provided a thick and reliable food base for foraging.
So it’s just not “all about the water,” it’s also about the critters and fish living within.
And even when the water levels bounce back, it could take a while to replenish the stock of aquatic fauna to its full volume.
In that way, not all water levels are equal, even when they appear to be equal as measured on the hydrologic staff gage.
Doesn’t it seem that there’s always more than meets the eye?
As a hydrologist, I find myself always focusing on where the top of the water surface makes its mark on the staff gage; but what lies beneath that surface, in the water column below, is where the full story lies.
But first we’ve got to get some more water higher up on the staff gage.
Go south Florida wet season!
Keep the rains coming.
I’m your number 1 fan … or at least one of them.

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