Napkin Sketches
Art of drawing State Road 29

When all else fails …

Grab a napkin and sketch it out.

Sketch of the Big Water Fix for SR29

The reason? Nobody reads any more. And if they’ve heard it once they’ve heard it a thousand times. And more than likely they’ve seen the boring satellite imagery more than once. But your sketch? I guarantee they’ve never see it before, and in all likelihood will give it a second look. Other advantages of hand-drawn sketches? It forces you to think things through, and also gives you the advantage of not having to draw to scale, and yes — if you’re really creative — you can even hide some buried treasure in there, too.

The purpose of this map is to show the major features of the Big Solution for fixing the Barron River Canal. In a nutshell, and if I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a thousand times (mostly me saying it): “The only solution is the big solution, but it works for everyone.” And by everyone, I mean upstream Immokalee and the surrounding agricultural lands and also the downstream public lands including Big Cypress National Preserve, the Panther Refuge, Fakahatchee and Everglades National Park. I would write more, but I can see I don’t want to bore you.

Or in other words, just look at the sketch!

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