Naples twilight

Florida is famous for its sunsets, and the twilight period that follows.

The problem?

Florida has the shortest twilight period of anywhere in the continental United States.

That’s because Florida is closer to the equator, where the globe is fattest around the axis that it spins. With the earth’s surface spinning fastest there, the sun drops quicker to and down into the horizon.

Before you know it, it’s dark.

The twilight period is roughly half as short in Naples as it is in Boston.

The tropics are famous for their rapid transition from sunset to stars. Supposedly the stars practically pop out right after sunset, as if a switch was flipped from day to night.

Does that mean you should travel up to icy New England to catch a romantic winter twilight?

Probably not.

I recommend the sunset at Naples Beach, and right around 5:20 pm.

You can check out more skywatch images from around the world at the Skywatch site.


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