Nature’s slowest drain

Are all rain storms equal?

That depends on what side of the drain spout you are on.

Chances are it hits the roof top at a fairly even pace, but where it goes from there is a function of the pitch and swales of the roof.

In that way, not all drain spouts are created equal.

One may flow like gang busters right next to another that barely dribbles.

We have the same issue along Florida’s famed Tamiami Trail.

The S12s carry the heavy load over in the Everglades, but right next door – in the Big Cypress – flows are funneled under a series of smaller bridges.

Like the drain spouts, they flow unevenly from one to the next,

That has nothing to do with the rains:

They fall more or less evenly in the watersheds upstream:

About 55 inches worth per year.

That’s a lot of water on any roof, let alone the Everglades, which is as flat as a floor board and as wide as an eye can see.

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