New and improved

Is there such a thing as the “perfect graph?”

Over the years I’ve certainly tried.

Above is my latest attempt:

It shows a “monthly rainfall” (top) and “swamp stage” (bottom) summary for Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve. The bottom graph is color coded with respect to the swamp’s major habitat types, as shown below.

You may have also noticed a few changes to the journal.

They include:

  • A “splashy” new design
  • Enlarged photographs
  • Static tabs (up top) – Now you can click to your favorite graphs by major topic heading (Big Cypress Swamp, etc.) instead of scrolling through the chronological list.
  • The Swamporeatron (also up top) – This is an interactive data-viewing portal which offers a quick way to glimpse back decades into the past to see how current water conditions compare to historic trends.

The journal is part “narrative voice” and part “Rosetta Stone.” It’s a place that combines photographs, hydrologic charts, diagrams, and video with the aim of making their sum greater than its parts. It is equally “hot off the press“and a continual “work in progress.” (Case in point is that recently, for unknown reasons, the video isn’t appearing on many government computers, despite working fine for the past 2 years.)

Will I ever find the perfect graph?

Regardless, it’s fun trying!

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