New Ft. Thompson Falls?

The Ortona lock is actually located 7 miles upstream …

Of the location of the old Ft Thompson falls.

The new falls, i.e. S-78, looking south about 9 miles upstream from LaBelle

And so the history books tell me …

The river dropped 5-10 feet over the fall’s one-mile reach.

More than just a freshet of water, it also served as a bridge (i.e. hard and shallow bottom) for cattle drives crossing the river and Native Americans before that.

And finally, it formed a pool on its upstream side called Lake Flirt.

The old falls, now gone, looking east 2 miles upstream from LaBelle

The modern-day structure S-78 similarly backs up a pool behind it, although about 10-15 feet lower than the pre-drainage water table at the same spot, and on the upstream (not the downstream) side of the old dried-up Lake Flirt bed.

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