New Year Reprieve
Resolutions officially on hold

This just in:

The new year is officially canceled.

Animation comparing water and calendar years

Well, actually — canceled is a bad way to phrase it. What I mean is that 2022 is already 8 months old. And when I say 2022, I’m talking the water year, not the calendar year. Most people (so I am told — and this truly horrified me) go by the calendar year. I’m not here to tell you that’s a completely flawed approach, but if you’re a hydrologist or trying to get in touch with the water cycle, May 1st not January 1st marks the start of the new year. The reason? May 1st marks the start of south Florida’s 6-month wet season (May-Oct) followed by its 6-month dry season from November through April. January 1st is pretty insignificant in comparison other than being the start of the third month of the dry season.

Or in other words, forget your resolutions and live it up. South Florida’s true new year is still 4 months away.

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