Night the Belgian mosquito won

What’s worse – the Florida mosquito or the Belgium housefly?

Never underestimate a Belgian housefly!

I naturally assumed the mosquito going in.

At the right places (or wrong ones, in this case) they are plentiful beyond belief in Florida, and yes, I’ve had my fair share of welts to show for it.

But if you’re alone with one in a room, there’s nothing easier to kill.

It buzzes in your ear, it settles down on your arm, then you slap it – “SPLAT!” – red on the spot.

Houseflies were flocking around this chestnut mare

Compare that the housefly.

They tend not to be so bothersome outside, but get one (or more) in a room alone with you – and worse – with food at the table, they find a way to nibble away at your sanity by way of zipping by one ear, then the other, then landing on you salad …

But never staying long enough in one place to slap.

And here’s the catch.

The common Belgian housefly is all but “uncatchable” with the naked hand.

The same can be said for these cows

The great equalizer – and whose invention is conceivably an unheralded turning point in the rise of modern society out of the Middle Ages, and possibly a direct precursor to the artistic glories of the Renaissance – is the fly swatter.

What I couldn’t come close to doing with my hand the fly swatter did every try.


So, each night I took to my trusty fly swatter.

One by one I polished them off – if it didn’t kill them outright, the swatter “stunned” them enough to spatula them up, pancake style, and shake them out the unscreened window – Until there were none left.

The most important thing is to clear them out before you go to sleep

Or so I thought:

On one particular night I found myself slipping in and out of a deep slumber to the faint and unmistakable sound. I slapped on my ear – quite hard – and apparently unsuccessfully, because the sound returned. Then I pulled the cover over my head:

I was too tired to get up and find it.

On that night the Belgian mosquito won.

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