No place to go but “up”

In western Collier the wet season has already begun,

But in the county’s eastern end the water table is still down.

This map shows the current level of the water table relative to the major ecological habitat types in the swamp.  All wells have been normalized to zero at the center of the cypress dome.  Most stations are still reading water table levels  below  the zero mark.  That means even the cypress domes and marshes in those areas are dry.  By fall water levels typically rise 2-3 feet  above  the cypress dome center. That’s when even the pineland high ground goes dry.

Big Cypress Preserve wide the water table is about 1.5 feet below its typical level for early June. Except for Deep Lake Strand (BCA14) and Little Marsh (BCA17) even the low spots are still dry.  But by the end of June the water table should be at the edge of the cypress domes (light green) and possibly even up in the marl prairies (dark green).

June is our highest rainfall month and soaking in season, too.

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