No three-peat for August

July followed June as south Florida’s first double consecutive Big Rain Months since 2003.

Could August encore to make it a three-in-a-row?

This chart shows monthly rain as recorded south Florida wide from 2003 to present.  It nicely shows the cyclical nature of south Florida summer wet and winter dry seasons.  But it covers a large area, too.  This August was much rainier in southwest Florida (Naples area) than it was just 40 miles into the interior swamp or across the Everglades on the other coast.

The resounding answer is no:

August didn’t even come close.

The final August tally for south Florida cam in at 5.9 inches.  That could come as a surprise if you live in southwest Florida where the second half of August has been rather wet.  In fact, it has — it recorded 9.4 inches of August rain. But one corner of south Florida does not make a whole. By and large August rains slagged across much of the rest of the peninsula.  Preliminary data is showing Miami-Dade only pulled in 3.3 inches of August rain for instance.  That’s more reminiscent of a dry season month … but not quite yet. September is still a core rainy season month and even October is still heavily influenced by tropical rain.    

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