Nocturnal sun

Summer nights are hot in Naples,

But exactly how hot they are and how long they last has waxed and waned over the years.

Naples’ nights have been hotter over the past decade than the three decades prior.

“So-called” global warming or increased night-time retention of heat due to urbanization within the watershed would appear to be the “usual suspects,” but not so quick:

Summer nights in 1940s and 1950s match what we are seeing today.

Is it moon cycles – probably not, global climate change – it could be part of the mix, or multi-decadal ocean warming trends – quite possibly?

Now add sun cycles to the mix.

Scientist are starting to tease out the role that the 11-year solar cycle plays in affecting global weather patterns.

In the meanwhile, I’m relieved to report that our 5-month run of +70º F nights is approaching its final stretch.

Just a little over a month to go!

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