Non-native honeybells?

Is it a native or isn’t it?

I’m talking about the honeybell.

The orange of course originated in southeast Asia,

But the honeybell – a hybrid of a Duncan grapefruit and Dancy tangerine – was invented in Orlando, Florida in 1931.

That makes it a “native” in my book,

And also a personal favorite.

Floridian’s eagerly await the mid January arrival of honeybell.

The fruit is made all the sweeter because its season is short:

Just a few weeks and then they are gone (the fresh ones at least) … until next year.

That explains my shock in finding stacks of honeybells prominently displayed at my local grocery stores.

Could it be, in the heart of summer?

Turns out they were non-natives:

One batch was shipped in from Peru, the other Austrailia.

I bought a couple anyhow!

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