North today, south tomorrow

Here’s a look at a hydrograph for the St Johns River …

As measured by the U.S. Geological Survey at Deland.

How low can it go?  In the case of the St Johns River, in reverse!

The green background shows its long-term 25-year statistics. The dark green band in the middle shows what you could consider its normal flow. The dotted white line in between is the median. The funny thing about this hydrograph isn’t how high it gets (it high-water peak is around 10,000 cubic feet per second), but rather how low it sinks.

For the St John’s that doesn’t mean “zero,” but lower still.

Or in other words, reverse flows!

By comparison, the Kissimmee River never flows north.

And don’t forget:

Deland is a good 150 miles inland from the river’s Atlantic mouth.

So yes, the St Johns River is Florida’s only north flowing river …

But sometimes it also flows south.

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