November’s national reputation

Don’t be fooled by its “national reputation” as the last official month of Florida’s hurricane season.

November is better known “locally” as our first full month of the “winter” dry season.

And technically speaking your right:

We don’t have winter as a “season” here in south Florida …

(Although do get brief incursions of cold air that feel winter-like for a “few days.”)

The map displays a rainfall overview state-wide for November.

The Treasure Coast jumps out as being particularly dry (shaded as blue on map), otherwise rains generally fell within range of normal for the rest of the state,

For south Florida that meant mostly “blue” sky.

November did bring one official “day of winter” to Naples.

That happened on Saturday when daytime highs didn’t break above 70º F.

Yes, I know:

It’s us against the elements down here on the south peninsula.

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