Nowhere and everywhere

In the Big Cypress Swamp, water is alternatively “everywhere” … or “nowhere to be found.” 

That contrasts to up on the continent (at least in most watersheds), where you have to hunt for water, but when you do find it — in the form of a stream, or creek, or even a little riffle (as shown in the above video) — it’s there all year round … even if it dries down to a trickle of it’s former self in late summer and fall.

That wasn’t the case on this mid winter day, following a frontal shower.

Compare that to south Florida’s Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve in its “nowhere to be found” water season: spring. My trusty dowsing rod led me to the correct spot — a cypress dome, which was perplexingly dry as a bone on the surface.

Did my dowsing rod steer my wrong?

I forgot to mention about the ground water.

It’s “everywhere” in south Florida, just a few feet below the surface — and that’s all year round. (And that also means I’m “still perfect” with my dowsing rod … technically speaking.)

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