Ode to Oasis VC
A farewell song to a ranger who knew it well

The best thing about a song around a campfire …

Is doesn’t have to be perfect.

That’s what makes Stuck Inside of Oasis (with the Cypress Blues Again) the perfect campfire song. It’s not sung brilliantly, even if the video of Oasis that accompanies the song was shot in broad daylight (with growing cumulus clouds in the background). And I mess up quite a few lyrics and chords – also typical of campfire fair.

The song was written and first sung as a farewell song to a long-time ranger that spent many a long day welcoming and talking to visitors to Big Cypress National Preserve.

More recently I put the song to video, and in listening back I now see it in a much different light. As much as a farewell song to a good friend, it’s as an ode to a rather odd but endearing building called Oasis located in the middle of the swamp.

To me it’s nothing less than a hotspot of the universe.

Listen to the music video here.

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