Ode to the Catskills
And the thirsty city downstream

This song celebrates both

Small time life and the big city downstream.

And ode to a small town along the Hudson

Specifically, the town is Tivoli and the city is New York. They are connected by the Hudson River, by a train and by aqueducts that give New York City its water supply. You might ask: Does the Catskill region get any thing out of the deal. For one, the watersheds that feed the reservoirs and eventually flow through the aqueducts are protected open space. I’m not saying that cross basin water transfers are always a good thing, but in this case, I think it’s an example of a state making good use of its water and helping to protect nature, too.

As for the song, I wrote it on a visit to see my brother who used to live in Dutchess County, New York. As for Tivoli, it’s claim to fame in my heart is a restaurant called Pongo. I doubt its still there, but the memory remains. And all the characters in the song are real, one of which is me.

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