Oil in water

How much oil is buried beneath Florida,

Or lying in wait under its saltwater shores?

That’s a matter of scientific conjecture
And closely guarded trade secrets to a degree.

Plus technological “know how,” or rather:

How much you can get out?

(A question which in recent days has reversed to: “How quickly can it be plugged?”)

What is known is the volume of water in Lake Okeechobee:

At its current height of 15 ft above sea level,
The answer is 4 million acre feet.

As coincidence would have it, 4 million acre feet is also the annual volume of oil pumped from the ground (and water) each year across the blue planet. That includes Saudi Arabia, Russia, United States, Iran, China, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Venezuela (to name the Top 10).

Millions of acre-feet of course is a water term.

In the oil industry, the parlance barrels –

Or 85 million of them per day to be exact
(1 barrel equals 42.5 gallons).

So next time you get a chance:

Drive out now to Lake Okeechobee, climb up its levee …

And look out:

That’s a lot of oil … or water
(however you want to look at it).

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