One big lake (… just not deep)

Lake Okeechobee is big and shallow,
With an annual fluctuation that’s quite small …


While it is big (looking more like a Gulf than a Lake from its levee), and could be characterized as shallow (it’s only 15 feet at its deepest spot – Big Cypress Swamp’s Deep Lake is 6 times deeper), it has the widest fluctuation of any other surface water body in south Florida …

Even Water Conservation Area 3,
(which I’ve wrongly regarded as the deepest instead).

I just had to plot them both on the same axis.

Lake Okeechobee is currently 3 ft higher than April of last year and a half foot above the 20-year median for mid April.

That puts it under the 66th percentile for the month …
Or about average (based on the 20-year record).

Water Conservation Area 3A is 1 ft higher than April of last year, and also a half foot above the 20-year median for mid April …

That puts it above the 90th percentile for the month.

That’s based on its regulatory stage, which is an aggregate of three stations (Site 63, 64 and 65). Click HERE to see the hydrographs and historical data for those individual stations.

As for Deep Lake, it’s about as deep as its ever been in April …

It’s just not very big.

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