Only 15 stories?

How tall is King and Queen’s Seat?

In Empire State Building units:

Around 15 stories high (190 ft).

I was shocked to find that out because growing up and going up it (a climb which I did, say, about once a year) and then looking down – that 190 ft was the deepest drop in town.

Is this yet again another case of the Big City outscoring a Small Country town?

– Hardly.

By my calculations, the creek (called Deer) that cut the canyon – however small it may appear from only 15 stories high – fills up an “Empire State Building” sized glass (2 acre base x 1,250 ft high) around 30 times per year.

This year’s first half alone filled up 25 …
(thanks in part to an ample winter snowpack).

But what a difference a season makes:

This year’s “summer recession” is well underway.

The spring freshest peaked at 300 cfs in early March but has steadily dropping ever since. Currently it’s only 100 cfs. On average it bottoms out in mid August at around 50 cfs.

And what a difference a peninsula makes:

South Florida’s waters are “moving up” just as continental waters are trending down.

South Florida isn’t quite Australia …

But when it comes to the water cycle,
we are sort of seasonally reversed.

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