Origins of a blog
On your mark, get set, Go Hydrology!

Ecosystems evolve over time …

But it’s the initial conditions that sometimes matter most of all.

The Power Point was originally presented at a conference

Here’s the story (above video) of how Go Hydrology got its start, plus some lessons learned along the way, and as always the unexpected twists. What was the biggest lesson? Probably the Rule of the Ninja: “Never fear, never doubt and never overthink.” Another lesson learned was that appetite comes while eating, or in other words, getting started is the hardest part.

As for the twists? I go back to the beginning: I never set out to be a blogger. It just happened over time, or rather all of a sudden. Am I a good blogger? I think it’s a skill I’ve refined over time. But I can write until the cows come home. The bigger trick is organizing the information that it becomes a helpful and enriching resource, which brings me full circle to where I am today. In the early years I shunned the word blog and blogger, fancying myself a more serious writer and the website being less about the words and more about the charts. Fast forward to today, and I’ve embraced the blog for all it’s worth. A blog is a powerful way to organize and share information in ways I am only starting to learn.

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