Pennsylvania oranges?

How do “Peninsularians” know that fall has arrived?

“Continentallers” send us down bushels of apples is how, pitifully assuming that we have none which is only partially true by merit of the culinary challenged swamp variety called the pond apple which plunk down in the water when they are ripe (not that you can eat them even then).

Pennsylvania Amish Staymen Winesap Apple (left)

How do “Continentallers” know that winter has finally settled in?

That’s about the same time us “Peninsularians” start sending boxes of neatly packed Florida oranges up north. Packed with Vitamin C and great for juicing, aficionados of that fine fruit probably wish it stayed winter all year long.

Sweet Florida Red Navel Orange

Of course south Florida’s winter is summery by Continental standards, so as a “Peninsularian” that’s easy to say.

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