Phases of Florida’s endless summer

When does summer begin in Florida?

The graph below combines three aspects that we commonly associate with summer weather in Florida: rainfall, air temperature, and hurricane frequency.

Chart highlights three aspects of south Florida’s seemingly endless summer

The wet season of regular afternoon showers won’t get started for another 60 days and hurricane season doesn’t get revved up into full gear for another 60 days after that, but air temperatures are already turning hot.

Late March begins an 9 month span (lasting through November) in which average daily daytime high temperatures break the 80 degree plane.

Cloud shadow over pinelands
March 2011

Florida’s summer unfolds in several phases:

It starts with cloudless heat-searing sunny skies of March, followed by a drought-parched landscape of April and May, then comes the humidity and regular showers of June through August punctuated by the threat of big storms in September and October until finally, usually around November, a cold front pokes through and then by sometime around Thanksgiving summer weather finally comes to an end …

Or at least, daytime highs drop back below 80 degrees.

Finding shade where you can is key to surviving Florida’s searing summer sun.

Wide brim hats, limiting exposure and activity during peak sun hours, long sleeves, umbrellas, sun screen and drinking plenty of water also helps.

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