Plentiful rains (to the east)

This rain chart explains
how Loxahatchee’s gotten off
to such a quick start.

This chart shows a rainfall summary for Water Conservation Area 1 and 2.  The top chart shows weekly interval rain, the middle chart shows monthly interval rain and the bottom chart shows yearly interval rain (also differentiating among wet and dry seasons).  The monthly chart is particularly revealing: rainfall in April and May is “off the chart” based on the 25-year record.

As a matter of fact,
I have to go all the way back
to 1976 to find a similarly rainy May.

This chart displays the historic monthly rainfall record for WCA 1 and 2.  You have to go way back in the record to find similarly rainy consecutive April and Mays.

Now, if we could only get
some of that rain farther to the west
in the Big Cypress Swamp.

(The water table there has yet to rise out from under the the swamp.)

To see rain charts for your basin, click here.

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