Price of water

What’s the best water for your money?

I just received my monthly water bill in the mail – it was $75.

That bought me over 5,000 gallons of tap water.

At 1.4 ¢ per gallon that sounds like a good deal (and even includes the sewer fee), but could I do better?

Home delivery of 5-gallon jugs crossed my mind.

For $75 I’d have enough for 41 gallons.

That’s almost a full “water barrel” worth, or in more standard units:

Around eight 5-gallon jugs.

As you can probably imagine, I am a discerning drinker of the unadulterated clear fluid.

That caught me up in a day dream of procuring prodigious volumes of my favorite “high-end” carbonated water.

Then reality set in:

My $75 dollars would only get me 10 gallons worth, or in standard carbonated water units:

Around forty 1-liter bottles.

That had me retracing my steps – like a prodigal hydrologist – back to the tap:

Not only is the price right, it’s practically weightless.

Eight 5-gallon jugs and 40 bottles are “heavy” to carry …

(But they sure don’t take long to “lighten” a wallet)!

Click HERE to find out more about Collier County tap water.

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