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You’ve read Go Hydrology, and you’ve look at its many hydrographs, photographs and short narrative piece on what’s the water cycle is all about in south Florida. Now – even better – you can buy the T-Shirt. More about the T-Shirt. I sighed up and was improved for an Merch by Amazon account. The advantage of Amazon is that you can get one-day delivery and return any product you don’t like free of charge. The downside, they use Print On Demand (POD) which basically means that that Amazon gets 15 dollars of the $19 T-Shirt. The good news: The more T-Shirts I sell the lower my production costs become.

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Whatever the case, it’s just good to have some merch up on the site. People have been asking to do that for years. The more we spread the story of the water the more likely we’re going to get buy in for protecting it. My opinion.