Puddle paradise
The case for walking through them

Usually, if you can …

You walk around a puddle.

Puddles are trending (according to this hydrologist)

Not in the Big Cypress Swamp down in south Florida. The reason? The puddles are too big to avoid. As for waders, they don’t work. I remember one trip when I decided to where them. My pants became soaking wet rom sweat to the point that I regretted putting them on at all. The truth is — socks eventually dry, and boots do, too. More about my field boots: They don’t last long. Water is the enemy to leather my local cobbler has told me. As if I had a choice. The only way to get from Point A to Point B in the swamp is to embrace the puddle and go straight in. Socks never feel good getting wet at first. The good news once they get wet a who new world opens up. Walking through a puddle in the Big Cypress is one of the great (if also misunderstood) joys of life.

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