Python meets its match

I didn’t take this photo: but it made the rounds on the email circuit, and once I saw it, it occurred to me it would be an eye popping photo to post.

My immediate reaction was probably exactly what you are thinking:

A text book example of a palmetto hammock immediately following a burn.

Upon closer inspection — and you’ll have to look closely — you may also notice that there is a snake in it — perfectly frozen in its tracks, or in this case “inflamed” in its tracks, in its futile attempt to escape what must of have been encircling flames.

My understanding is that this photo was taken in the Everglades over on the East Coast during a prescribed burn earlier this spring in a python infested hammock, by the Division of Forestry.

Great job on whoever took the photo.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone: a prescribed burn and eradication of an exotic.

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