Quest for water

There’s still water in the swamps, and I don’t mean the fake stuff you see in the canals. Yes, that’s technically still water – but only in name.

To see the real stuff (in its natural state) – and it’s disappearing with each new day (particularly the sunny ones) so don’t delay – you have to set your compass away from the canal and head toward the trees.

Cypress trees to be exact … the hill-shaped canopies that we call cypress domes.

(If you find yourself in a pineland forest you took a wrong turn at the palmetto hammock).

In the middle of the cypress domes, if you are lucky enough to find a deep one, you may find yourself a thin sliver of the real stuff.

But you’ll have to crunch your way through a dry bed of periphyton to get there. And don’t get distracted by the alligator tracks. 

Did I mention to be sure to bring your own water? 
You’ll need that because the real stuff is really muddy and is isn’t fit for drinking …

Unless you’re an alligator.

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