Quick as sheetflow

Finally, at long last, sheetflow appears to be back up and running.

The reason I say “appears” is that it’s hard to see.

It’s a sluggish sort of flow, not unlike molasses on a cold day in Vermont, only knee deep in it in Florida’s southernmost swamps the Heat Index is hovering somewhere near 100° F.

Sheetflow too is an ephemeral feature.

Hydrology offices from coast (i.e., Naples) to coast (i.e., Miami) are littered with books and maps that display arrows pointing in the direction it flows – implying it at first glance to be a steady and straightforward stream – yet chances of actually seeing it live in person are a relatively rare and exhilarating moment even when you’re staring straight at it with water up to your shin.

It moves that slow.

And it doesn’t last that long either.

Usually by the start of winter it’s gone. Some years, like 2007, it barely gets going at all.

How high or how long it lasts this year is anyone’s guess.

We’re just glad to see it finally get started!

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