Rain-fed swamp

The Big Cypress Swamp averages around 53 inches of rain per year.

About 42 inches falls during the summer wet season (as indicated by blue segments in the bar chart below) and another 11 falls during the dry winter half as coded on top of blue in yellow.

This bar graph shows yearly rainfall in monthly increments:
Blue segments show wet season months and yellow show dry season months.

This year has been on the low side of normal.

The wet season came in short with only 35 inches and since then the winter “dry season” has been just that:

Not much rain.

The rain chart above does not include totals from Tuesday night’s rain

Not that a couple continental fronts couldn’t change our outlook,

But as of now we may be in store for only 40 inches for the year (as tabulated from May 1st through April 30th).

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