Rain on swamp buggy parade?

Continental-style holidays and seasonal cues …

Don’t always make sense on the south peninsula.

But come October, south Floridians of all walks of life are ready to celebrate:

The rainy season is declared officially over but the water is still high, hot and humid weather starts to subside, mosquitoes suddenly disappear, the first official cold front arrives, stone crab season opens, hunting season begins and airboat and swamp buggy enthusiasts start to swing into full gear.

That’s where the Swamp Buggy Parade comes in:

It’s the community’s long-standing tradition of welcoming the start of the dry season and all its good tidings. The only caveat is that this year it looks as if Hurricane Rina may rain on our parade.

The 62nd Annual Swamp Buggy Parade
is being held this Saturday in Naples
October 29th, 10 am – noon.

But not to worry:

We are used to getting wet in the swamp!

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