Rain on the roof

How many water barrels would you need to collect all the rain water that fell on the roof of your Florida home?

Answer: Just under 150 barrels.

As shocking as that is, the numbers don’t lie:

Two thousand square feet of roof area (an average house) times 50 inches of rain (an average year) equals 830 cubic feet.

Or in the proper Floridian unit of water measurement:

A little under half the volume of my pool.

The irony of it all is that at several points in the spring I had to “add water” to my pool, from the hose – which pulls water from the “aquifer” – because “evaporation” kept dropping the water line kept below the skimmer.

(When that happens, the pool pump sucks in air.)

In total, I probably added 6 inches of water to the pool.

Or, in “rain” barrel terms: around fifty …

Unfortunately it was “aquifer” water instead.

Photos are from Belgium.

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