Rainy 5-day forecast ahead!

South Florida Water Management District Weather
For Informational Purposes Only
11:00AM Wednesday, October 05, 2011 (gws)
Synopsis:  Widespread heavy rains with some near tropical storm force winds likely this weekend. Computer models continue to converge toward a very wet solution for the District.  A similar advertised gale event www.vos.noaa.gov/MWL/dec_09/tropicalareas.shtml played out over us from May 18th-21st 2009.  About 3.5” fell on average across the District during those four days, and similar amounts should be anticipated late Friday through Tuesday afternoon.  It’s difficult to confidently suggest a focus for the heaviest rains at this time; but, eastern sections of the District typically receive the most rain under this scenario.  As important details flush out over the next couple of days improved forecast skill should evolve.
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Courtesy of SFWMD

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