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I know what you’re thinking:

Isn’t it odd to have a guitar hosting a podcast?

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Answer: If we consider that Firelight Radio is a podcast about spreading the Nature Folk Movement (NFM), you really can’t have a “back to nature” movement without a guitar by a campfire … that’s just obvious.

As for a “talking” guitar, well the truth is, despite his looks — and yes, he does look like an acoustic guitar — he really isn’t that good at playing, or finger picking at least. That’s where the talking part comes in. (Although he does a little strumming, too).

Firelight Radio (FLR) is campfire inspired and guitar guaranteed. You're gonna hear some cracklin' (we're still working on the campfire aroma part) and you're gonna hear some strumming.  FLR is where we gather 'round the campfire to decompress and talk about what's important in life.  

In closing, I’d say this. Yes, it is a bit unique. But when it comes to the Nature Folk Movement (NFM), getting back to the campfire with a (talking) guitar is what it’s all about.

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