Record-cold months bookend 2010

It doesn’t sound all that cold: 57.6° F,

But mark it down as the coldest-recorded December in Naples history.

No snow, but it was cold enough to cover the flowers

The next closest, as measured by computing the average of sixty-two numbers (that is, the daily high and low temperatures for each day of the month), occurred in 1963.

Of course, the devil – better known as Jack Frost – is in the details on this one: Not one single day broke above 80° F and 19 nights dropped into the 40s and 8 of those into the 30s.

But the true tell tale sign is a comparison to January 2010.

Thanks to a warm second half of that month, it averaged out (and up) to 60.0° F, rose above 80°F for 4 days, and dropped into the 40s (or below) for only 15 nights.

Comparison of this winter (blue) to last winter (red)

Let’s just agree that they were more similar than not alike:

Both were cold by Naples, Florida standards.

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