Record for Key West

Add one to the history books for Key West.

It set a new daily record a week ago last Wednesday when 7.3 inches fell on the city. Among other things, Key West is reknowned as the southernmost city of the 48 contiguous states … but I don’t usually track rainfall for it because it’s off the Florida mainland.

To date, Key West has racked up 12 inches of rain for the month of October, over twice the long-term October average.
That puts it on the leader board for all of south Florida for the month of October … and by quite a distance.
The next closest area is Miami-Dade at a half foot of rain. That’s a high October average for the rest of the peninsula, but for Miami it’s right on par for the long-term October average.


In comparison, only about 3 inches of October rain has fallen in the Naples area (Southwest Coast) and just 2 inches of October rain on the Lake.
Of course much of the rest of Florida had already received a big rainfall month earlier in the summer when Fay did its 5-day meander across the state in mid August.
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