Reincarnated dam

Sometimes dams are built, and in a few cases they are actually removed.

But rare is the case that they are built, removed, only two decades later to be built again.

Such is the case of Florida’s Wysong Dam.

I don’t have the full story on its reincarnation, but given its “here today, gone tomorrow … hey I’m back again” history, I have a strong hunch that Wysong is the sort of dam that has a different story depending on who you talk to.

(Isn’t that so often the case with water?)

Once built (or rather, twice in this case) and for whatever reason, water structures inherently become multi-functional entities, and in the process take on a life of their own.

Wysong is part recreational launching point into the river, part slack water pool for the lake country it surrounds, part gate keeper for feeding waters into downstream coastal springs … and probably part other things too.

If you can find all those parts, from the people that know them best (even if some views are contradictory), and add them all up:

That’s how you get the full story.

While views on Wysong may have flip-flopped over the years, one thing has fortunately remained unchanged:

The U.S. Geological Survey has monitored its flows continuously since 1965.

Hydrologically speaking, that is the full story.

Or at least an indispensable part!

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