Reputations are earned
They don't call it "The Sunshine State" for nothing

What’s the best way to …

Break Florida into bite-size chunks?

Drought levels vary across the state, but region-by-region they are all pretty close to their long-term normal level for early April. State-wide May is the driest time of year.

If you’re a splitter, you’d probably go the county route.

That adds up to 67 last time I made count.

Or if you’re a lumper, not a splitter …

Maybe panhandle, central peninsula and south peninsula. And of course let’s not forget the keys.

Fifty five inches of rain and 250 days of sun

You could also say coastal and interior Florida, too, which is sort of code for urban and rural, although not completely so. Orlando and Tallahassee are interior metropolitan hubs.

For me a Floridian is a Floridian, whichever county you were born in or live.

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